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Leadership Development

When a person assumes leadership responsibilities, that individual becomes a linchpin. The requirement for interpersonal influence is immediately magnified because of their expanded visibility and work scope.

Closing the Gap Between Intention and Action encompasses personal, team and organization performance objectives. The leader is engaged in a broad, never-quite-finished cycle of communicating a vision for the future; clarifying goals, priorities and expectations; forming cohesive and spirited teams; providing performance feedback; marshalling the necessary resources for action; inspiring change and revitalization; and developing future leaders.

Our Leadership Development services provide both a 21st century mindset and must-have interpersonal influencing skills required to lead others in lean, complex, and increasingly demanding organizations.


  • Executive Coaching
    • Situation

      • Talented professional needs to address missing or underdeveloped leadership skill(s)
      • An executive faces a complex and challenging organizational assignment
      • High potentials need development to prepare them for new assignments or promotion
      • A senior leader wants to work with an external coach to develop new capabilities and approaches


      A pragmatic, highly flexible approach to learning that accommodates a senior manager’s many time constraints, dynamic calendar, and requirement for relevant and actionable advice when it’s needed. The learning agenda is individually tailored to the executive’s right-here, right-now needs. Typical assignments address emotional intelligence, executive presence, and other interpersonal influence skills essential for leadership success. Assignments may also focus on skills and strategies required to drive a specific business initiative or change management process in real time, e.g., building teams and communicating future direction. Through face-to-face and virtual coaching sessions, regularly scheduled over a period of months, we introduce best-practice models and tools to increase an executive’s repertoire of capabilities.

  • 360˚ AssessmentPLUS
    • Situation

      • The CEO or other Top Team Leader wants a customized leadership development intervention for the entire team that will produce new self-insight into work style and interpersonal dynamics to increase both functional and enterprise-wide performance
      • A Leadership Development curriculum for “high potentials” needs a powerful centerpiece learning experience that will quickly galvanize participants and add insight into additional operational and leadership training
      • High performers need candid feedback on strengths and weaknesses to increase self-awareness and prepare for promotion
      • An accomplished executive wants deeper insight and a practical agenda for closing critical gaps between self-image (what I think of myself) and reputation (what others think of me)
      • A valuable individual needs to course-correct disruptive workplace behavior that threatens derailment


      A state-of-the-art 360º assessment process, to gather information on an individual’s perceived leadership performance from bosses, peers, customers, direct reports and others with whom s/he often interacts. With these data, we assemble a compelling picture of the executive’s strengths and weaknesses. To build on new perspective and insight prompted by the assessment, we add the PLUS: a facilitated discussion with the executive and his/her leader about the feedback and its implications. During this all-important meeting, mutual responsibilities are articulated including specific development goals and expectations for behavior change. We also secure the necessary organizational resources and support and ensure personal accountability for achieving the goals, which we then lay out in a written Development Plan.

  • Presentation Training
    • Situation

      • Speakers aren’t crisp and compelling; they display signs of nervousness and discomfort – e.g., talking too fast, providing too much detail and complexity, and generally failing to make a credible connection with their audience
      • Sales teams need a customer presentation deck that’s streamlined and tightly focused; they need to effectively sequence the content, use visuals that evoke emotional response, articulate customer benefits, etc.
      • Talented SMEs, who possess considerable learning to transfer to others, are reluctant to present or avoid it altogether due to anxiety or lack of confidence
      • Teleconferences and virtual meetings are rote, predictable, and mostly unengaging
      • Organization spokespeople lack an obvious Point of View, the agility to think-on-their-feet, or possess the skills needed to confidently manage constituent Q & A


      A two-day comprehensive, fast-paced, and highly participatory classroom experience that teaches participants the high-impact delivery and content organization skills to sell themselves and their ideas in formal and informal, face-to-face and virtual, presentation venues. Throughout the session, we introduce proven techniques and reinforce a mindset that increases speaker control, simplicity, and a persuasive call to action. We “install” new presentation capability using our signature performance coaching, which combines multiple on-your-feet practice opportunities with immediate, corrective feedback plus video review. In addition to physical delivery skills, we teach effective content organization, impactful visual support, compelling supportive evidence, and techniques to proactively manage Q&A.

  • Speech Development & Delivery Coaching
    • Situation

      Speaker needs to deliver a “home run” performance when engaged in any of the following:

      • A high-stakes Keynote or Industry Presentation
      • An employee Town Hall
      • A Board of Directors Presentation
      • An Investor Road Show
      • New Product Introduction
      • An Expert Panelist Role


      One-to-one, custom-tailored preparation that builds speaker confidence, creates a crisp and memorable message, and ensures compelling delivery. We help the speaker "think through" all aspects of the specific presentation challenge including the purpose, audience composition and expectations, the message, and the venue. After the content is finalized, attention turns to rigorous delivery rehearsals. These multiple rehearsals – with active coaching recommendations, as needed – eliminate many typical speaker weaknesses including visible nervousness, monotone voice, low energy, distracting movements and/or repetitive expressions, jargon, and an overdependence on text or memory.

  • Executive 3D Retreat
    • Situation

      • Vacillating about career future and what the most appropriate “next step” might be?
      • Questioning how to reinvigorate or renew within an existing job or career path?
      • Considering a next level career move or significant transition?
      • Desiring to end a currently grueling work schedule and to “downshift”?
      • Contemplating an exit from a corporate career to pursue consulting, entrepreneurship, or nonprofit work?


      A personal, one-to-one working retreat that employs a structured framework of “Discover, Discern, Decide” – the 3D – enabling the individual to thoughtfully and thoroughly consider viable future options and to decide on a new course of action for work life and career. We assist the client in examining his/her life story during a day of assessment and in-depth interviewing. On the subsequent days, we help the client take stock of where they’ve been and where they are now, discern an attractive and achievable future, decide to go for it, and then to map out a plan to achieve it. We offer the 3-day retreat in the spectacular and inspiring setting of Sedona, Arizona, from April 15 – November 15 each year. The retreat must be scheduled not less than 30 days prior to your preferred dates to allow adequate time to complete preparatory assignments.