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Organizational Effectiveness

At the organization level, Closing the Gap Between Intention and Action is essentially about how reliably an organization executes its promise. Whether the promise is impeccable service, lowest prices, greatest selection, freshest ingredients, most locations, uncompromising quality . . . that promise cannot be consistently delivered by an ineffective organization.

How well leaders work with other leaders is often a fundamental determinant of overall organizational health, and ultimately, effectiveness.

Informing each of our Organizational Effectiveness services is the recognition that the degree of “positive connection” that exists among an organization’s leaders, which we call interpersonal influence, defines organizational culture and affects its ability to deliver what it promises.


  • Selection Assessment
    • Situation

      • Need to hire the best “person-organization” fit talent for leadership level and key professional positions
      • Want to avoid an expensive mistake or other potential hiring pitfalls, e.g., selecting in the leader’s own image or overly trusting a positive first impression
      • Desire disciplined due diligence, especially when considering external candidates
      • Committed to applying a fair, objective, defensible, and systematic protocol for hiring and promotion decisions


      A cost-effective assessment protocol, easy to add to the organization’s current hiring process, that ensures the rigor, strategic perspective, and objectivity which are often circumvented or difficult to sustain throughout the typically stressful and urgent search process. Our assessment is grounded in a thorough understanding of the position’s requirements, organizational context and culture, and the explicit job performance expectations. We design a customized, competency-based interview and also explore the candidate’s career history in detail. We use formal assessments, measuring cognitive ability and work-related personality traits, and then provide a written report that details our recommendation to hire or not. In addition, for a recommended hire, we incorporate specific-to-the-individual counsel for quickly integrating the new hire into the organization.

  • Top Team Coaching
    • Situation

      • Top Team members are working narrowly in functional silos and not acting with required enterprise-wide perspective
      • Top Team productivity and organizational impact is impaired because of unresolved interpersonal conflict, ineffective group processes, unclear expectations, etc.
      • Top Team avoids tough issues, revisits decisions, or takes too long to implement
      • A new Top Leader needs to quickly energize, focus, and form his/her direct reports into a collaborative, high-performing team
      • Chronic inattention to “process” and/or people issues has reduced trust, candor, and coordinated Team action


      Top Team Coaching is structured as a multi-month close working relationship that provides 24/7 support to the Top Leader. Our work is inclusive of the entire Top Team to promote and sustain the processes and conditions where members can proactively discuss, evaluate options, and decide upon critical issues, as well as recognize and learn their “lessons of experience.” We apply a disciplined and custom-tailored regimen that involves ongoing data gathering; in situ, real-time observation; candid discussion and feedback on observations; and one-to-one and group meetings, including jmspartners’ Team Offsite. It is a learning intervention that provides a “mirror,” so the Team sees both what strengthens and what hinders their work together. The goal is to provide the Top Team with the education, hands-on coaching support, and relevant “best-practice methods” it needs to excel in performing its unique role within the enterprise, business unit, or function.

  • Team Offsite
    • Situation

      A Team needs to:

      • Re-energize and reinvigorate
      • Identify or modify Team goals and priorities
      • Clarify roles, responsibilities, and interdependencies
      • Articulate a “ways of working” protocol
      • Work through misunderstandings or disagreements
      • Resolve an emotionally charged Team issue
      • Launch a new leader’s tenure or integrate new Team members
      • Ensure that everyone is working toward a common agenda
      • Work through post-restructuring or a period of uncertainty and transition


      Two-day, custom-tailored, offsite, working session designed to address the Team’s most pressing issues and here-and-now business requirements. The Team Offsite functions as a “time out” providing the dedicated time and environment necessary for members to talk more strategically and plan more comprehensively than is possible in typical day-to-day interactions and routine staff meetings. We work with the Leader and Team members in advance to learn their particular issues and needs in order to design a relevant and ambitious agenda and engaging group process that enables breakthrough thinking and greater esprit de corps.